Derby Heatbanks

WMX Range

The WMX range offers truly cost-effective solutions for all kinds of domestic and commercial situations, providing welcoming warmth in hallways, dining rooms and bedrooms, or in shops and offices. Controllability and cost-efficiency are the obvious qualities required in a heating system. The manually operated controls of WMX heaters allow you to determine the heat level needed for the desired room temperature.

WMX heaters are designed to provide the right balance of case emission and heat retention, automatically saving you on annual running costs. High quality insulation means heat is retained until required later in the day.

All Round Comfort Zones
If needed, a boost of heat can be provided by the output control. By setting this control to mid point, the boost will start in the evening when extra output is required. Turning towards minimum, will progressively delay the commencement of the boost. Using an afternoon charge will make your WMX heater even more effective. This allows the amount of heat stored in the heater core to be "topped up" giving an improved heating performance throughout the day. Used in conjunction with the WMF or TTS fan-assisted storage heaters, you can achieve all round comfort zones throughout your home.


  • An efficient heater at a competitive price
  • Variable input charge, saving energy and costs
  • Easily adjustable, input and output controls
  • Controlled heat output
  • Easy to install

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WMX Heater

WMX712   1.7KW 8-10m2
WMX718   2.5KW  15-20m2
WMX724    3.4KW 25-30m2

MODEL WMX 712 WMX 718 WMX 724
Input Rating 1.7kW 2.5kW 3.4kW
Boost Element Rating - - -
7 Hour Charge Acceptance 12kWh 18kWh 24kWh
Height (mm) 612 612 612
Width (mm) 560 788 1016
Depth (mm) 183 183 183
Weight (kg) 77 110 145
No. of Storage Bricks 8 12 16
Height Above Floor (mm) 88 88 88
Total Height (mm) 700 700 700