Derby Heatbanks

VMFi Range

Please Note: The VFMi60 is currently unavailable, we can however offer an equivalent unit: TSF42K

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The VFMi series provides the optimum in comfort and controllability. With a heat storage capacity of 40 kWh and 60 kWh, VFMi heaters are ideally suited to heat large areas in domestic, commercial and industrial situations.

Both heaters are fitted with a highly sensitive capillary bulb thermostat, which accurately controls the amount of heat taken in by the unit core during available charge time. This heat is then stored in the core due to the super efficient insulation, allowing just a small amount of mild static heat  dissipation through the case.

When the room is occupied and full heating is required, quiet slow-running fans force air through the heater core and out into the room through a mixing damper, providing a rapid uniform heat up. As soon as the temperature reaches the preset level the fans switch off. Once set, your VFMi heater will continue to automatically maintain the desired room temperature.

No other heating system gives you the double advantage of permanent background warmth together with automatically controlled heating.

On cool summer evenings, or if there is a sudden drop in temperature, a direct acting element fitted in the air mixing chamber provides instant back-up heat.


  • Optimum user controllability
  • Energy efficient
  • Instantaneous fan controlled heat output, allowing heat on demand
  • Slow-running fans provide rapid heat up
  • Room thermostat controls heat output automatically
  • Minimal case emission, retains heat until required
  • Boost element to maintain heat output
  • Almost 100% efficiency

Installation & Running Cost


VFMi40A WITH 1.0KW AUXILIARY  4.4KW 35-40m2
VFMi60A    WITH 1.5KW AUXILIARY   6KW 55-60m2

Input Rating 4.0kW 6.0kW
Boost Element Rating 1.1kW 2kW
7 Hour Charge Acceptance 32kWh 48kWh
Height (mm) 672 672
Width (mm) 926 1226
Depth (mm) 250 250
Weight (kg) 183 262
No. of Storage Bricks 24 36