Derby Heatbanks

TSF Range

The TSF Turbo storage fan heaters provide controlled output space heating with maximum economy and flexibility. It retains up to 40% of its total stored heat after 17 hours, making it one of the most energy efficient storage heaters on the market today.

  • Smooth, rounded, modern appearance, compatible with today's home and office decor
  • TSF Turbo uses economy tafiff electricity, operating particularly well on special daytime economy periods
  • Available in 3.4kW, 4.6kW and 5.7kW models
  • More controllable, providing heat quickly when required
  • In-built direct element for out of season heating using day rate electricity
  • Fanned heat is faster and more even in distribution, particularly near ground level
  • Easy to use manual controls for room thermostat and economy charge
  • Single or 3 phase installation capability

Rating (kW) 5.7  
Direct Acting Element Load (kW) 1.5  
Charge Acceptance (7hrs) (kWh) 39.9  
Weight (kg) 215  
Number of Core Bricks 30  
Height (mm) 672  
Width (mm) 1076  
Depth (mm) 250  

Installation & Running Cost

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