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Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters use the oldest form of heating known to man. Just as the sun’s rays heat the earth, so our radiant heaters use this same method of heating objects (the earth, people, buildings etc) rather than the air between them for effective performance.


  • Heats like the Sun
  • Radiant heat passes through the air and heats solid objects making it highly efficient wherever it’s installed.
  • Instant heat; No waiting around for the heat to be experienced &
    cutting the cost of outdoor heating overall.
  • Silent running; With no moving parts, the heaters are silent when operating, making them perfect where noise would otherwise be a problem.
  • Low capital cost; With a highly focused beam of heat, these heaters allow you to select fewer heaters, but place them exactly where the heating need is –cutting capital costs.

CXD Range

CXD 2000H Solus

CXD 2000V Solus

CXD Range

These radiant heaters transmit infra-red energy that is converted into heat when it is absorbed by objects which in turn then begins to warm the surrounding areas as surface temperatures rise.

Using long-wave infra-red technology, these radiant heaters use ceramic elements to radiate heat with no distracting light output. Perfect where robust radiant heating is required.

  • These heaters can be mounted inside or outside giving a localised “zone” of heat.
  • Offered in vertical (2 x elements stacked) or horizontal (2 x elements side to side) formats
  • These 2kW models are ideal “people” heaters.

Matt black powder coated steel case with electro chemically brightened aluminium reflector and fitted chromium plate mild steel guard.

Ceramic encased aluminium heating element giving heat without visible glow.

Heat Output 2.0kW   Heat Output 2.0kW
No. Elements 2   No. Elements 2
Approvals CE, IPX4   Approvals CE, IPX4
Colour Black   Colour Black
Dimensions (HxWxD) 255x735x122   Dimensions (HxWxD) 380x442x121
Minimum Height 1.8m   Minimum Height 1.8m
Recommended Height 2.0m   Recommended Height 2.0m
Heat throw at 2m high 2.0m   Heat throw at 2m high 1.8m
Heat spread at 2m high 1.4m   Heat spread at 2m high 1.3m

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QXD Range

QXD Radiant Heater

QXD Range


  • Instant Heat No Waiting Around For The Heat To Be Experienced & Cutting The Cost Of Heating Overall.
  • Highly Efficient – Heats People/Objects Not Air
  • Silent Running; With No Moving Parts, The Heaters Are Silent When Operating, Making Them Perfect Where Noise Would Otherwise Be A Problem.
  • Low Running Cost; With A Highly Focused Beam Of Heat, These Heaters Allow You To Select Fewer Heaters, But Place Them Exactly Where The Heating Need Is –Cutting Capital Costs.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Ruby Red Quartzray Glow Elements
  • 12 Month Warranty

QXD 3000

  • This Radiant Heater Transmits Short Wave Infra-red Energy That Is Converted Into Heat, With Temperatures Approaching 2,200 Degrees Celsius, That Is Absorbed By Those Around.
  • The Heaters Can Be Mounted Inside To Give A Localised “Zone” Of Heat.
  • This 3kw Model Is Well Suited For Zone Heating Or Where Building Insulation Is Limited.


  • Ruby Sleeved Halogen Lamp With Tungsten Element
  • Specular Quality Electrochemically Brightened Aluminium (Purity 99%+) Reflector
  • Powder Coated Steel Finished In High Temperature Matt Black

Heat OutpuT 3.0kW
No. Elements 2
Supply Voltage 240V 1P&N
Colour Black
Dimensions (HxWxD) 380x440
Minimum Height 2.5m
Recommended Height 3.5m
Heat throw at 2m high 2.0m
Heat spread at 2m high 1.4m

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